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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

What's new in Telegram will allow you to delete sent messages

New year, new update. That's what the creators of Telegram, the messaging service that comes closest to the all-powerful WhatsApp - which has a whopping one billion active users - must have thought. That yes, that WhatsApp is the instant messaging app does not guarantee that it is the best. In fact WhatsApp Telegram surpasses in something as important as security in data encryption, the ever useful addition of GIFs and now with its new update, deletion of sent messages.

This 2017 Telegram has started strongly, leaving support older versions of Android and announcing an update 3.16 for both iOS and Android that makes us long teeth. Very interesting news that put Telegram back on top of instant messaging apps.

What's new in Telegram update 3.16

The following new features have been included in the new Telegram, specifically in the version for iOS:

For starters, the always controversial delete messages, yes, so you can remove them must have been sent over a period of time less than 48 hours. It eliminates all traces of the crime, except of course it is the screenshots that the receiver may have previously made.

Consumption statistics data so that we can know in detail how much we spent roaming, Wi-Fi or mobile data our rate on different screens. Telegram has worked hard to be able to break down and thus be able to know the consumption, both in private conversations, groups, sending multimedia content.

Android also been implemented other features such as sending GIFs from the successful keyboard GBoard, support shortcuts Android Nougat, redesign and editing emoji - as the cowboy, the clown, the sick face ... - more efficient management Of the groups and in general, a much more intuitive interface.

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