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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

What's new in WhatsApp will allow you to send up to 30 snapshots

This year WhatsApp has decided to put the batteries and cover their particular shortcomings to consolidate - if need be - in not only the most used messaging app, but the best. For this in the last hours WhatsApp has released a powerful new update that will allow us to send messages offline, change the way to store multimedia files, send up to 30 attached photos at one time and use Siri both to read and To write messages. We tell you all the news with all details.

Send messages when offline

Although this functionality is not new in general since it existed previously in Android, from now on iOS users will be able to write our messages when we do not have a connection. This was undoubtedly the most requested request by WhatsApp users, who saw that for example when they were in the elevator the app would not allow them to write until the data was retrieved.

Actually, the solution implemented was simple: the messages we write will be put on hold, sent automatically as soon as the connection is restored .

New way to store media files

Although WhatsApp is generally a fluent app, the number of files we exchange throughout our communications makes it eventually take up too much . So from now on we will be able to go to a new option located in Configuration > Data and storage use > Storage and select all contents of a specific chat - individual or group - to empty it.

Until now we could generally select whether or not to save the files that send us to WhatsApp by configuring it from Settings > Chats and there to enable or disable saving files, everything will be much easier and more personalized now.

Send up to 30 photos at once.

Another of the most desired requests by WhatsApp users is this. So far only 10 photos of the pull could be sent, a number that in many cases was short, making the transfer of images a tedious process. But since this new update, we can send up to 30 photos of the pull .

In any case remember that WhatsApp reduces the quality of photography, so it is not that it is an ideal method to share our photo library.

With Siri we can write and read messages

Every time Siri is acquiring many functionalities and this was without a doubt one of the star uses. With what we use WhatsApp, more than one is going to use it to communicate while driving - be careful with this, that distractions at the wheel are dangerous regardless of whether we write or dictate -.

With this new update WhatsApp is incorporated into the series of apps that can be integrated to use with our virtual assistant Siri , so that from now on we can dictate and read our messages from WhatsApp simply by asking Siri.

How to do it? First of all will be to have our device updated with iOS 10 and then go to Settings > Siri > Application Compatibility to activate this useful function.

Via | NewsPhone

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