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Monday, 9 January 2017

Whatsapp Status what is it and what will it actually do?

New rumors of the new WhatsApp feature called Status or State have come to light, making it clearer how it will work when it becomes public.

Although we are in a moment of Whatsapp history in which we see many novelties there is one of which we know for a long time but that does not just reach the general public. We talk about WhatsApp Status.

This function seems an evolution of the phrase that we can put in our profile, which happens to be a sort of chronology as the Facebook wall or Instagram profile, albeit with differences.

So far, thanks to the leaks that had been published, we believed that WhatsApp Status was a public version of our publications and thoughts, an area where we could leave things for anyone to read. Now some things start to be clarified and it seems that it will not be exactly like this.

A special broadcast list

According to the latest images leaked it appears that the United WhatsApp will be a modified version distribution lists, this feature that allows us to send a message to all our contacts.

However in this case we will have a limitation and is that we will have to select the friends who will receive the publications of this section. At the moment there would be a limitation of 256 members.

By means of the adjustments of the application we will be able to modify that list, with which we will share texts, audios, videos or GIFs.

Facebook Mix and WhatsApp Group

While technically it may be a modification of a broadcast list in practice it seems that what we will have is a wall with our publications, as we have on Facebook, but restricted to a group of people, the same as happens in WhatsApp groups.

It is not clear yet whether these messages will be deleted automatically as it happens in Instagram Stories or in Snapchat or if they will be permanent.

This feature is still under development, which implies that it could change, quite a bit, before being released to users of iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

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