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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

10 Tricks to Become a WhatsApp Expert

WhatsApp remains the quintessential instant messaging app and is gradually getting new features and features through updates. More and more users are using WhatsApp to communicate across the world, and the weird thing is when someone tells you not to use it.

However, WhatsApp is not always as organized as we would like and sometimes brings us some headache because it occupies many megabytes of our internal storage . Not to mention that if you are one of those users who send and receive many videos and images through WhatsApp you can run out of data.

That's why we show you a total of 10 tricks that will allow you to make the most of WhatsApp, as well as having everything much more organized, free space on your iPhone , and ultimately, make life a little easier. So if you want to know them all you just have to keep reading. Here we go!

Your life will be a little easier with these WhatsApp tricks

Goodbye to double blue check

The controversial double blue check can be deactivated so that your contacts do not know when you have read a message, but this way you will not know if they have read your messages or not. Just go to Settings - Account - Privacy and uncheck the read receipt .

eye! Because there is a little trick that allows you to avoid getting the signal received and seen , in case you want to enter the conversation but your partner does not know that you have seen. Once you have received the message just put the iPhone in plane mode and enter WhatsApp. After you have read it, quit and close the app before you again remove the airplane mode.

Mark conversations as unread and vice versa

If you have read the new messages of a conversation but you do not have time to respond at that time and do not want to forget to do so you can mark it as "unread". Just slide your finger to the right over the conversation and click on "Unread" , so that a large blue dot appears on the right.

In case you want to mark a conversation as read the procedure is the same , slide your finger on the conversation from which you have not read the messages and click on "read".

Mark a message as a favorite

For some time WhatsApp allows to mark messages as favorites within the conversations , so that later it is much easier to locate it. This is very useful, for example, when they give you an address, important information or anything else you know you may need in the future.

To do this you just have to keep your finger pressed on the message that you want to save as a favorite and then click on the star icon . When you want to check the favorite messages you have to go to Settings - Highlighted messages , where they will all be saved, but you can also click on the contact information in the chat to see only the saved messages of that conversation.

Export conversations

If you want to export a conversation just slide your finger over it to the left and click on the "More" option . There you only have to choose "export chat", this way you create a compressed text file that you can send by email to keep the chat.

Free space

Groups usually take up a lot of space on our device due to photos, videos and sent messages. If you want to free space, but do not want to eliminate the conversations so that you can continue to participate in them, you must know that from Configuration - Chats - Empty all chats you can delete all the contents of the conversations without having to eliminate them.

Find out which conversations take up more space

In WhatsApp if you go to Settings - Use of data and storage - Use of storage you will see a list with the people and groups that occupy more space in the application . This way you can also know with which person or people you talk more often through WhatsApp.

Do not download files automatically or without WiFi connection

WhatsApp has a feature that makes the files you receive download automatically, but if you want you can limit that download completely to do it manually or to do so only if you are connected to a WiFi network . And is that if all the photos and videos you receive are downloaded automatically regardless of the type of connection you use you can stay without your data bonus in the blink of an eye.

Just go to Settings - Data Usage , where you can choose if self-download is only when you have WiFi, WiFi and mobile data or never .

Do not save files automatically

In Settings - Chats you can activate or deactivate a tab so that the files you receive are saved or not automatically on your device . This way you will only save what you want and you can save a lot of space on your iPhone.

What time did your message read?

If you send a message to someone through WhatsApp and you want to know what time it has been read just keep your finger pressed on it and click on the "Info" option. There you can see what time it has been delivered and what time it has been read, something that can be very useful in groups to know if everyone has seen or missing someone to find out.

Save a backup copy of WhatsApp

If you want to have all your WhatsApp chats in good order so that you do not lose anything when you change your mobile you can make a backup. For this you only have to go to Settings - Chats - Chats Backup , where you can make a backup in iCloud.

Did you know all these tricks for WhatsApp? Are there any others that do not appear on this list? If so, we invite you to share it with us and the rest of the readers in the comments.

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