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Monday, 13 February 2017

12 new and updated Cydia Tweaks for ios10

With the release of the jailbreak Yalu many developers have quickly updated their jailbreak-adjustments and began to produce new solutions, which can enjoy the owners of iPhone and iPad with джейлбрейком. Of course, we are still far from all extensions received compatibility with iOS 10.2, although in the last time, the number of such programs decreased noticeably.

MacDigger offers a selection of Cydia applications, which Are now available for devices with iOS 10. Many of them can be installed for free.

Volume Amplifier (BigBoss, $ 1.99)

For users dissatisfied with the volume of the built-in speaker, iPhone, is available in Cydia's twic Volume Amplifier. With this design, you can increase the volume level of the front speaker during a phone call that does not violate the operation of the speaker of the phone and cost-effectively deplete the resource of the battery.

DisplayWeather 10 (BigBoss, free)

Twic DisplayWeather adds to the lock screen and iOS notification center, the weather forecast. This option is available on the iPad with iOS 10 "out of the box," but on the iPhone, Apple developers for some reason have decided to give up this feature.

CleanNotifications10 (BigBoss, free)

CleanNotifications10 offers a redesign of the notification windows of the lock screen and the notification center of the iPhone. The creator of твика calls the new interface easier and more modern.

HapticKeyboard (BigBoss, free)

Twic lets you add vibration support to the entire text. HapticKeyboard simulates touch response, similar to Taptic Engine. In it there is no adjustment of the duration or intensity of work of вибромотора, but it is also distributed for free.

CertTimeRemaining (BigBoss, free)

CertTimeRemaining performs a useful function for device users with Yalu, Mach_Portal + Yalu джейлбрейком or Home Depot devices. It shows the remaining working time certified by the истичении that the jailbreak procedure should be repeated.

AquaBoard (BigBoss, $ 2.99)

It is visual, in addition, specially developed for the iPhone desktop lock screen. The addon offers a dozen of all kinds of animation studies with water effect.

RunMario (BigBoss, free)

Twic lets you play in Nintendo's Super Mario Run game on jailbroken devices. If you've done the jailbreak and want to run arcade - put RunMario and you're done.

SmartVPN (BigBoss, free)

SmartVPN allows you to configure iOS to automatically turn on a VPN connection when a specific application starts. It will be useful for those who use applications like Netflix or Hulu.

FingerTouch (BigBoss, free)

FingerTouch allows you to configure new gestures to control the iPhone and iPad with the Home button.

Iconizer (BigBoss, $ 1.99)

Iconizer gives you the possibility, at your discretion, to change the layout of the iOS desktop icons / dozens of adjustments, additions, profiles and other functions offered by this add-on.

OpenNotifier10 (tateu.net/repo gratis)

Devices with Android almost all types of tasks shows the icon in the status bar, which allows the easy identification of processes on the smartphone. OpenNotifier10 is переписанный from zero twic for iOS 10 with similar functions and a flexible configuration. Utility adds in the status bar of iPhone alert system on the arrival of new emails, short messages, calls, etc.

Noti ++ (ishanan.github.io, free)

Noti ++ - complete the iOS notification system designer. With its help, you can configure the practice in all aspects of notification design.

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