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Monday, 6 February 2017

15 new Cydia tweaks for iPhone and iPad

A week has passed, and this time we may be talking about a historic week for the Jailbreak as Yalu for iOS 10.0 and iOS 10.2 has reached a point where its beta versions are stable enough.

Having said that, it is interesting to remember that many developers have posted a lot of Cydia tweaks for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with Jailbreak.

In this article we will recommend, nothing more or nothing less, than 15 new tweaks of Cydia for the Jailbreak of iOS 9 and iOS 10 . Let's start!

15 new Cydia tweaks

Horseshoe: This tweak is available in Cydia for $ 1.99 and allows users to collect all the pages of the Control Center (Music and HomeKit) in a single panel. Especially useful on the iPhone.

Gorgone: A free Cydia tweak for iOS 9 and iOS 10 that unlocks the Slide Over and Split View functions on non-compatible devices. Ideal for iPad Mini, iPad 2, iPad 3, and any iPhone.

TweetMuter: Its name says it all, TweetMuter is a new tweak of the Jailbreak to block any content of your feed of tweets.

AddSource for ActionMenu: A much faster, simpler and more efficient way to add Cydia repositories or sources with Action Menu.

CameraShy: Deletes the points from the Lock Screen and moves the camera icon to iOS 10.

CCTButtoNActions: This tweak allows you to use the 3D Touch functionality in the Control Center buttons to access its configuration settings.

CCNoPageBounce: Disables an animation of the Control Center in iOS 10.

DarkMessages : A fabulous Cydia tweak that adds a Night Mode to the Messages application.

CCRecorder: An alternative to CCRecord that does practically the same thing, to record the screen of iPhone and iPad.

HideMeridiem: Disables the AM / PM indicator on the iOS status bar.

PureSkate: Remove stickers from the True Skate application.

NCNoPageBounce: Disables the animation effects of the iOS 10 Notification Center.

Immortal: Prevents expiration of iOS applications, such as Yalu.

SMSmileys: A tweak that allows you to send emojis with faces of special characters.

Wormhole: A new Cydia tweak that implements 3D Touch functions in the Control Center.

So far the compilation of Cydia tweaks this week in our blog. As well as iDB , the Jailbreak Yalu for iOS 10 is already quite stable, but we will keep you informed as new updates and versions of the Jailbreak are published.

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