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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A hacker claims to have the tool the FBI used to hack iOS

Most of you will remember the commotion that arose when Apple refused to unlock the iPhone 5c from the San Bernardino terrorist, a fact that forced the FBI to seek solutions on its own.

Shortly thereafter, the FBI announced that they had gained access to the terminal's content thanks to software developed by an Israeli company called Cellebrite , which made it clear that iOS is not 100% impenetrable.

Well, according to the company recently stated, a hacker attacked one of its servers and got access to the tool , so it can allegedly crack some models of iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

Moreover, the attacker has explained that the fact of creating these tools means that someday they will see the light publicly affecting all kinds of people, since anyone with technical knowledge could use them.

" It's important to show that when you create these tools they will most likely come out ."
Likewise, and with the intention of demonstrating that it owns the files, the hacker has published certain information encrypted in Pastebin , although from Cellebrite ensure that the contents of the files only include information of the distribution package, not source code.

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