All 2017 iPhone would have wireless charge if these rumors are met -


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Saturday, 11 February 2017

All 2017 iPhone would have wireless charge if these rumors are met

Normally, when we talk about batteries we do not usually go beyond their capacity and time of loading, we do not consider how, because in most cases we assume that this is a conventional charging system. However, we should not overlook it, since the convenience of loading our devices is also part of the experience of use, and many companies are neglecting this aspect.

A few years ago, the "revolution" of induction wireless charging began, thanks to the emergence of a standard that promised to become the great and definitive substitute for classic cable charging. After a while, we have seen how this technology has continued to evolve, but even so, it has failed to reach the masses as expected . Apple seems determined to change that this year, with the announcement of its new iPhone.

Apple bets big on wireless charging

We have already mentioned that there were strong rumors about the iPhone 8 being able to load wirelessly thanks to a new technology designed especially for him, as already happened with Apple Watch, which uses a proprietary system. But the latest rumors, brought in from MacRumors, suggest that this technology could be integrated into all the new generation devices , which would become three: the iPhone 8, the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus.

In this way, Apple would have even more opportunities to turn wireless charging into something much more famous for the public. This would be of great help to the entire industry, which as I said before, continues to try to have the average consumer use this technology , both in their home and in establishments that are introducing this system so convenient. Of course, I'm looking forward to Apple doing well, as a regular user of one of the charge without cables.

Source | MacRumors

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