Apple begins to retire the iPad Pro before the imminent launch of March -


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Friday, 10 February 2017

Apple begins to retire the iPad Pro before the imminent launch of March

Until the arrival of iPhone 8 or iPhone X or iPhone 7s , all our eyes are on the launch of the new models of iPad Pro planned for this month of March. Although Apple is rather cryptic in terms of filtering information, we are already beginning to see signs that an imminent renewal will indeed take place .

And is that for a few days, the stock of the iPad Pro 12.9 inches has begun to reduce ostensibly , reaching a point where if you buy a terminal from the Apple website, you will have to wait two to three weeks to Receive it in countries like United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain ...

What does this mean? The low availability could show that Apple has stopped producing them, focusing on the manufacture of new models . Another possibility that can not be ruled out is that Apple is experiencing some problems in supplying their suppliers, something that is not the first time that happens as we could check with the AirPods, whose launch was delayed a few months until arriving by the hair Christmas, with the BeatsX - that will start selling today - or with the iPhone.

But this slump in stock not only affects the Apple website or the Apple Store, there is no stock of the larger iPad Pro in different online stores of North American telecommunications companies like Best Buy, Verizon or AT & T, something that does not happen With the 9.7 inch. Surprisingly and unlike in other occasions, the typical poster does not appear announcing "new units en camino" .

Surprisingly enough that Apple has planned a renewal launching neither more nor less than three new models of iPad Pro given the stagnation and reduction that is undergoing the sector of tablets and that also, due to the good operation and longevity of iPad and its use directed Mainly to leisure, users who already own an iPad do not feel the need to update it every few years.

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