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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Apple iPad Absolute Crash

Apple today unveiled its Q1 global fiscal Q1 sales figures, finding that despite a year complicated by the country's socioeconomic situation, it continued to break records with its flagship product, the iPhone. Worse luck were other devices, as is the case of the iPad, whose sales have continued to drop to get 19% percent less than the previous year .

Very low sales figures that contrast with those of the iPhone obviously, of which they sold 78.4 million or Mac, more of the taste of the users of what at first seemed, because of its little innovation aside from the Touch Bar and above all, compared to Surface.

Meanwhile , the iPad continued its meteoric descent into hell . During the Christmas period, iPad sales fell from 16.1 million in 2016 to 13 million. In cash, we are talking about 22% less revenue from $ 7 billion to $ 5.5 billion.

But it is not something punctual, in general iPad sales have been declining over the last few years and not even a much more professional approach as the iPad Pro concept seems to stop its crash . Because the decline is even greater when compared to the 21 million devices of 2015.

However, it could be worse, because despite all the sales of the iPad compared to the rest of the sector are unbeatable , achieving an overwhelming market share of 85% for tablets of more than $ 200. We can therefore conclude that it is not a question of the Apple iPad itself, but a crisis in the market of tablets of premium range, whose extinction is intuitively close.

Among the causes, on the one hand some assure that given the preferential use of leisure and its good performance of the iPad, the users choose not to renew their devices. Nor does it help the meager innovation - apart from the lower prices, higher storage or better resolution - that is printed to the new devices.

But Apple has a letter saved in its new line of iPads, expected in mid-2017 . The existing iPads of 9.7 and 12.9 inches will join another intermediate size of 10.5 inches .

While in the small model the changes will be scarce - making it its low cost model - if some revolution is expected in the other models. For example, the inclusion of a second-generation Apple Pencil or higher resolution.

Via | Appleinsider

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