Apple is already testing a new Apple TV with 4K UHD resolution -


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Friday, 17 February 2017

Apple is already testing a new Apple TV with 4K UHD resolution

Television has accompanied us over the last few decades and has shown the world from the perspective of thousands of cameras around the world. This electronic device that has for a long time carried and will carry our images to our homes, is undergoing an important transformation , which began at the same moment in which the first video reached the network of networks.

The so-called "silly box" is struggling more and more to end the same concept. The TV wants to stop being tele, to become the nexus of union of the homes with the providers of content . Apple has been actively participating in this transformation since the conception of the first Apple TV, which allowed to enjoy in our televisions the best contents of iTunes without too much complication, and it seems, their support will continue for many years.

If all goes well, we will soon enjoy the first Apple TV with UHD resolution

Today, in addition to the transformation mentioned above, the industry is working to complete the leap towards higher image and sound qualities, after the failure of the three dimensions. The standards established by the UHD Alliance continue to reach more and more devices and it seems that since Apple is already working on launching a new Apple TV to meet this demand by users.

With the code name "J105", Apple would already be testing the fifth generation of its entertainment hub, which would have as one of its key functions the ability to play content in UHD resolution thanks to a processor specially designed for such a task. In this way, the company would be able to face other STBs like Nvidia Shield TV, or Amazon Fire TV , which offer better quality at a very close price and even lower than the Apple TV.

His arrival is scheduled for this year , although Bloomberg does not offer much more details as it is a product still under development. Will you be able to do what the fourth-generation Apple TV could not do? We'll have to wait a few months to find out.

Source | Bloomberg

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