Apple is so clear the success of the iPhone 8 that orders 160 million OLED to Samsung -


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Monday, 13 February 2017

Apple is so clear the success of the iPhone 8 that orders 160 million OLED to Samsung

It's official: OLED's long-awaited iPhone 8 screens - or iPhone X - will be manufactured by Samsung , its biggest competitor in the smartphone market. The Koreans have signed an agreement with Apple to produce a whopping 160 million screens for the next-generation iPhone, according to the Korea Herald. Hopefully, Samsung will scale and meet the expectations placed on the device that will be launched on the tenth anniversary of the birth of iPhone, predictably in September.

As early as 2016 Samsung and Apple signed an agreement of 100 million components, but as you see, Apple hopes to beat all records once again and has increased the order to 160 million . Unfortunately, the production times of the iPhone 8 are unknown, but it is a matter of weeks before further leaks come in detail. In this way, Samsung will be the only supplier of screens during 2017, although next year it is expected that LG will also add .

Currently Apple uses OLED screens in both the Apple Watch and the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro, but with the manufacture of its flagship product, the iPhone, Apple gives a definitive accolade to OLED technology. Will it also be used on iPad?

As you know, a great revolution is expected: new design, new materials, new functionalities ... an innovative arsenal with the aim of satisfying the user's wishes, which will probably have to pay more than a thousand euros for this terminal . Thanks to the absence of borders, the screens are expected to be altered from the current design - which is basically the same pattern from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus - being bigger than ever. Also, the screen will have integrated Home button and Touch ID.

In addition to this special edition of iPhone 8 or iPhone X, Apple will also launch two other terminals that will follow the current design line , although its hardware will undergo some updates, among which include wireless charging and a more powerful processor. Of these two models, the price increase is expected to be minimal.

Via | 9to5Mac

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