Apple Music already has more than 20 million subscribers

According to Eddy Cue a few hours ago, Apple Music , the streaming music service of the Cupertino, already has more than 20 million subscribers , a figure that was confirmed several months ago.

However, Cue has stated that this is not a satisfactory figure for Apple, so they will continue to push to try to hoard more users.

As we told you at the time, one of Apple's strategies is to have exclusive content from various artists, a factor by which a user could opt for Apple Music instead of another similar service.

Still, Cue wanted to make it clear that Apple's strategy is not only to have exclusive, but to work with artists from beginning to end, something they already did with Drake.

For the rest, I remind you that Apple Music received a major redesign last summer , making the service much more flashy and simple than initially.

And you? Are you subscribed to Apple Music, or do you prefer another service like Spotify?
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