Apple patents a special material for covers and surface of the iPhone -


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Friday, 10 February 2017

Apple patents a special material for covers and surface of the iPhone

The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued an Apple patent that reveals new special material described as tactile and deformable . It could be used in an iPhone Smart Case allowing users to control the device via touch zones on the back of the case.

Most importantly, this material could also be used in the manufacture of the iPhone , providing users with a touch surface and remove physical buttons. This way the iPhone would gain in water resistance.

The material described in the patent, in addition, could also be extended to the Apple Watch, offering a new tactile belt. We have already seen many ideas for smartwatch straps: extra battery, 3D Touch functions or recharges with MacBook.

Most likely to be employed in the cases of the iPhone

The patent describes an electronic device consisting of a first layer with a tactile material and a second layer consisting of a second tactile material under the first layer. An electronic resistance in both layers changes differently in response to the application of force in the first layer (see image).

The FIG 1A patent shows an isometric view of an iPhone and a new case, FIG. 2A shows the back of the case that includes materials and tactile zones.

In the next image (FIG 3) we can see where the battery would be located in the case , and a kind of LED indicators.

Finally, in FIG. 4 we can see another perspective of the back of the Smart Case for iPhone with new tactile materials. As you can see there are different areas in which users could interact with content through tactile gestures.

The new patent from Apple presents a lot of applications with the iPhone, do you imagine being able to control the volume of the audio from the case? Or take a look at the notifications? And maybe even turn Wi-Fi on and off?

Source | Patently Apple

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