Apple plans to launch universal connection for iPhone, iPad and Mac -


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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Apple plans to launch universal connection for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Since a few days ago the major international blogs focused on Apple as 9to5Mac or Appleinsider have echoed that Apple could be planning to launch a new connector for iPhone accessories, iPad and other compatible accessories through its MFi - acronyms that mean Made For iPhone, that is, accessories not manufactured by Apple but meet their standards - called the Utra Accesory Connector or UCA.

This kind of universal multi-device connector could replace the use of Lightning and USB-C jacks , being also half as thin as these cables. With dimensions of 2.05mm thick and 4.85mm wide, this 8-pin non-symmetrical connector closely resembles the ultra mini USB used in Nikon cameras.

This new UAC connection would consist of a male and a female connection whose function would be to provide a universal connection that would allow for exchanging cables, be another additional socket for Lightning, USB-C, or even 3.5 mm jack connection for the cases Such as the iPhone 7.

Surprising enough that before a more than impending Apple bet for wireless mode , both in its management of audio output - remember that the iPhone 7 does not have a 3.5mm jack connection - with its Bluetooth headsets AirPods and the most Probable charge of the iPhone 8 or iPhone X, Cupertino consider pertinent to create a new connection, yes, this time universal to simplify the process.

To date it is unknown whether Apple will adopt this UAC universal connector in its official program . What is certain is that Apple would allow manufacturers to adapt their Lightning connections, 3.5 mm jack and USB-C to UAC, a universal connection for bite apple devices that would greatly facilitate the integration of other accessories such as Beats helmets, which use a mini-USB port for charging.

Via | 9toMac

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