Apple prepares a new device with Micro LED screens -


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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Apple prepares a new device with Micro LED screens

The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued a series of 48 new patents for Apple. But in this article we will focus on a patent received for the company LuxVue.

LuxVue was acquired by Apple in 2014 , and the patent describes in great detail the use of Micro LED screens. These screens could be used in future company products such as panels for vehicles, an HD television, Macs or simply iOS devices.

But for now, we rule out the possibility that Apple will use these Micro LED screens on the iPhone 8 of 2017 as the company has already requested 160 million OLED to Samsung .

LuxVue patent on interactive Micro LED displays

The new Apple patent shows the company's intentions to use Micro LED displays in future devices. The patent describes that it could include other components such as a power supply (battery).

As pointed out from PatentlyApple the system of screens should be incorporated into a part of a television, a laptop, a monitor, panels for automotive vehicles, digital cameras, game consoles, ebooks and even future mobile devices. Will Apple finally be excited about a TV or a game console? In a couple of years, maybe.

The key to this Micro LED display technology is based on integrating interactive microchips. It is unknown what particular product has the company in mind for the use of Micro LED displays , but it is very curious that a patent of this style is published when Apple plans to use OLED screens on their iPhone 8 . Perhaps the company has grown tired of working in partnership with Samsung?

The patent states: "When the fingerprint is placed on the transparent surface, the IR diodes of the panel models reflected lights in grooves. The processor is responsible for locating and determining where the fingerprint is located. The ability to detect objects on the surface allows the display panel to unlock a device when it appears to be off. "

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