Apple registers for the third time a mysterious device in the FCC A new Apple TV or something different?

As we all know, and although in many cases does not look like the drought of great news, Apple is always working on the next great product, that could completely change any market related to technology. At the end of the day, this is what truly characterizes 21st Century companies, the continuous support for research, development and innovation , fundamental pillars of human technology.

Usually, a strict security protocol is sought to avoid leakage by personnel or any other internal factor, so that all work is protected from possible copies. However, it is imperative to continue with the laws in force, and in the case of the US requires that the devices be registered with the competent regulatory authority , even when it is not certain that the product will finally come to market

Apple re-registering an unknown device What could it be?

In this case, we find a product whose model number is A1845, close to previous applications (A1846 in January and A1844 in September 2016), which could be the variations of the same product. In this case, it is reported that the device has Bluetooth technology LE and NFC , which could indicate that it is a possible new Apple TV. On the other hand, the label shows information about the wiring of the device, something not very common in Apple products, so there is also the possibility that it is a device for internal use .

Either way, I think with this we can be sure that Apple is still working to bring us a better future with its innovations . The history of computing is replete with great changes inspired by his work, and we can safely assume that his time has not yet come.

Source | MacRumors
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