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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Apple services, each year more and more important to the company

After the release of Apple's official quarterly financial results, investors have been able to breathe with total peace of mind knowing that the company not only continues to bring profits, but also does so by breaking records . The company's figures are the best in its history, and still have room for improvement, bearing in mind that this year is expected to bring one of the most relevant releases of recent years, the iPhone's tenth anniversary.

In this past quarter, we have again seen accounts strongly supported by the launch of the iPhone and the holiday season in particular . For example, we could see how the figure of iPhone sold in this period has surpassed sales of the entire Samsung Galaxy range, a milestone to keep in mind. However, in this case we will talk about the incredible growth that has experienced in terms of revenue the service division of Apple.

The App Store, an increasingly strong platform

As we can see in the graph provided by AppleInsider, the revenue generated by Apple's service division is getting higher , being the only division able to maintain some continuity. The service division encompasses all the Apple sales platforms, including of course the App Store , which in this case has been the main responsible for maintaining this trend.

2016 has seen the launch in the iOS application store of big names like Pokémon GO, or Super Mario Run . As we told you before, the former had managed to reach the figure of $ 1 billion in profits in record time, which we could consider to have been the great protagonists of this year. Along with the growth of Apple Music, and the rest of the company's digital stores, Apple has managed to amass a profit of 7.13 billion dollars , higher than the previous quarter.

But as we know, that's not going to stop there . And Apple loves to shred their own records, so we only have to wait an even better year, not only in profits, but also in content.

Source | AppleInsider

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