Apple to introduce redesigned iPad next month -


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Friday, 10 February 2017

Apple to introduce redesigned iPad next month

The Apple iPad is one of the company's most evolutionary products throughout its history. It has undergone many changes in recent years, is now much lighter, more powerful, and of course, more productive .

Well, it seems that the new iPad that Apple will present this 2017 could have a surprising design , evolving the device even more.

Tim Cook, at Apple's fiscal results conference, said the company had "very exciting things coming to the iPad." The CEO of the company Cupertino loves to leave us intriguing clues ... What news will have the new iPad?

Apple could introduce three new iPad models during next March

All rumors and speculation seem to coincide that Apple will present three different models of the iPad of 2017 . A 12.9-inch iPad, a 10.5-inch iPad, and a 9.7-inch iPad.

The new models will feature an A10X processor, and the most interesting of all is that the change in its design could consist of the reduction of its side bezels and the implementation of a home touch button integrated on the screen, thus offering much more space Interaction for users.

What will be the nomenclature of the new iPad of 2017?

It is difficult to predict, but ... what will they be called? We discard the possibility of using the nomenclature "Pro" since it would be too confusing ... We can also rule out the use of the nomenclature "Air", as they left behind with the launch of the iPad Pro.

Although ... Thinking better. What if Apple uses its last three nomenclatures for each of the models? That way we would have an iPad Mini 5, an iPad Air 3, and an iPad Pro 2 . But it is unlikely. Bets are accepted! (I.e.

We do not know what his name will be, what we do know is that knowing Apple the new nomenclature will enchant us ...

Source | BGR

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