Apple unveils its first quarter fiscal results for 2017 -


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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Apple unveils its first quarter fiscal results for 2017

As expected, Apple announced a few hours ago its financial results for the first fiscal quarter of 2017.

Again, and as predicted by some analysts, Apple has again beat a record , achieving specifically the best fiscal quarter the company has had in its history.

Specifically, those of Cupertino have entered 78.4 billion dollars during the quarter , which has given a profit of 17,891 million dollars.

According to Tim Cook himself:

" We are pleased to report that our quarterly results for Christmas have seen the highest quarterly sales in Apple's history, and have hit several records. We have sold more iPhone than ever before and we have reached new sales records for iPhone, Services, Mac and Apple Watch, "says Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. "Service revenue grew strongly over the past year, driven by record activity from the App Store customers and we are very excited about the products coming ."

Similarly, the sale of iPhone is also a new record for the company , managing to sell 78.3 million units while last year at this point were " only " 75.6 million.

Where they should not be so happy is when it refers to the iPad, that because no new model has been released have sold 19% less units and revenues have been 22% lower.

Finally, and because of these numbers, it is important to mention that Apple shares have risen by 2.7% , so it breaks with the streak of decline we had in 2016.

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