Apple updates the firmware of its AirPods in secret -


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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Apple updates the firmware of its AirPods in secret

Apple has released a firmware update for its AirPods , bringing the Bluetooth headset from version 3.3.1 to 3.5.1.

The update of Apple Wireless AirPods is automatic for any user who connects the wearable to its charging case and is paired with an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac .

If you want to upgrade your AirPods to version 3.5.1, make sure they are connected as previously mentioned and check the current status of your firmware in the iPhone / iPad Settings application via General> Information> AirPods .

Apple has secretly updated the firmware of the AirPods

As they point out from MacRumors it is not very clear what the new 3.5.1 firmware version of the AirPods offers due to the silence of the company after its launch. But the AirPods have encountered some software problems and many complaints from users.

Some of the criticisms received about Apple's AirPods include problems with battery life (and in its charging case) and failures in Bluetooth connections on calls on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

AirPods for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac were launched in December 2016, with very positive reviews and a general welcome from consumers. Without a doubt, the AirPods have been a sales success thanks to its powerful W1 processor, its compatibility with Siri services and its great sound quality .

First impressions of AirPods

Our colleagues at Urban Tecno have published a new video collecting their first impressions and the unboxing of Apple AirPods. Check it out!

Buy Apple AirPods

You can get the new Apple AirPods (compatible with any device) for € 179 from the Apple website:

Apple | Buy AirPods
What do you think about AirPods? Already have yours?

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