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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Apple Watch also ramp in sales among wearables

Yesterday we met Apple's global sales report for the first fiscal quarter of 2017 in which we see the unprecedented success of the iPhone 7 , the crash of the iPad, the positive warmth of the new Mac line and a news that Apple wanted To announce firmly: the record of sales of Apple Watch during the Christmas period , that, the ones of Cupertino were reluctant to filter their numbers.

Previously Tim Cook himself had come out to disprove the rumors concerning a few sales of Apple Watch , assuring that his smartwatch had beaten records in units sold as well as in revenues . In fact, sales were so intense during Christmas that there were stock problems.

Since the launch of Apple Watch in 2015, Apple has relegated its importance to a secondary level in terms of financial results , in fact it mentions it in other products, including the Apple TV, iPod, Beats headphones and other accessories of its own. third parties.

But Cook's insistence on defending his gadget, especially since rumors pointed out that in 2016 Apple Watch had dropped 8% and raised about $ 4 billion, has made Apple Watch point to gadget pointer Cupertino.

The Apple Watch has certainly been boosted by the launch of the Series 2 during the month of September, including such interesting specifications as a faster processor, water resistance, a brighter display and GPS . Also, it also launched a Series 1, a cheaper model of the first generation but with a faster chip.

In total, Apple earned a profit of 78.4 billion during this quarter , mainly achieved with the sale of 78.3 million iPhone, followed by the 13 million iPad and 5.4 million Mac computers.

Via | Appleinsider

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