Apple Watch generates 80% of profits in the smartwatch market -


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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Apple Watch generates 80% of profits in the smartwatch market

Apple does not usually share its Apple Watch sales numbers each time it finishes a quarter and reports its revenue. But the company said during the tax revenue conference that its wearable has broken records both at the level of units sold and at profit level.

Research and analysis firm Canalys has estimated that Apple has sold a total of 6 million units of smartwatches getting as much as $ 2.6 billion in profits.

These data would imply that the company has collected almost 80% of the total benefits of the smartwatch market. Spectacular the data!

Apple Watch sales have grown 12% over last year

The Canalys report indicates that the Apple Watch Series 1 price drop and a focus on fitness functions have helped boost demand in 2016.

According to the data last year Apple Watch generated a 50% of global market share with approximately 12 million units sold.

Last year Apple was closely followed by Fitbit with 17% and Samsung with a 15% market share in the smartwatch sector.

But this 2017 Apple was not the only company to receive significant revenue thanks to its smartwatch. Xiaomi, for example, reached a record with its wearable Mi Band with 5 and a half million units sold and that despite being a device much simpler than the Apple Watch.

Tim Cook, during the first-quarter tax revenue conference, added that Apple Watch's demand has been very high, so high that the company could not do enough, implying that its sales numbers have been higher than the units Produced.

Apple Watch Series 1 vs Apple Watch Series 2 in video

Are you thinking of buying an Apple smartwatch? Would you like to know the differences between the two models that the company has launched to the market? Do not miss the following video:

What do you think about Apple Watch sales this quarter? Did you get a smartwatch this past Christmas?

Via | 9to5mac

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