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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Apple Watch: what to expect from the next model?

Apple was not the first manufacturer of "smart" hours, however, the launch of Apple Watch was the signal that the device in this category is time to take it seriously, and not exclusively as a toy for гиков. In California, the giant unable to respond to calls to technique and aesthetics of properties that are not within the possibilities of companies, previously попробовавшим himself in this matter.

Familiarizing with the first generation Apple Watch, you can assume that the next model will be much better. And so they did. Apple Watch Series 2 is timely and versatile update, исправившее defects that may induce potential owners of one of the early models to defer the decision until next year. Apple's S2 dual-core processor and most obvious battery power significantly influenced the responsiveness of the operating system interface and autonomous hours work time. Sports enthusiasts and an active lifestyle satisfied with waterproof casing and GPS compatible.

If we are to believe инсайдерским information, the current model of Apple Watch Series 3 is different, first of all, the improvement of the screen, higher performance and a longer working time. Designing a new modification of the "smart" stopwatch will be the same as that of its predecessor. Apple engineers are now working first on increasing the autonomy of носимого computer.

The duration of the load of Apple Watch 3 must essentially be. Performed by Apple studies show that the average holder of the warranty ends their day with the remaining 30-40% of the battery and, therefore, replenishment of energy stock at night necessary. With the launch of the third model, the autonomy time of the smart waiting hours in the level of 3-4 days.

An important new feature in the Apple Watch Series 3 should be the AlwaysOn Display feature, which constantly leaves the screen on. Its essence lies in the fact that in the screen in lock state always the time will appear. This functionality is already present in Android Wear. It is noteworthy that the Always-On Display could be feature of the current and Apple Watch as well as Apple's smart watch are equipped with Super AMOLED display.

Although the Apple Watch 2 has received GPS tracking location and user movement to use most other functions still need an iPhone. According to rumors, купертиновцы intend to equip with the complete Apple Watch Series 3, cell phone, chip, so that a device can operate completely independently. Apple's ultimate goal - to completely separate Apple Watch and iPhone.

It is expected that the Apple Watch Series 3 equip a large number of sensors to monitor not only the user's physical activity but also their health status as well as determine blood sugar level. With the increase of autonomous working hours hours of acquiring a main camera the functions of sleep supervision. Since now users do not need to put the device on the night of the load.

Another likely innovation - FaceTime camera. Although it is one of the most anticipated of the updates, not all see the significance of the emergence of the camera for video calls. Perhaps, Apple have decided to turn the "smart" clock on the gadget for comic motifs with Dick Tracy?

The actual ability to remote control the iPhone camera through an Apple Watch is actually useful, but this does not mean that, in hours, you need your own target. Other people tends, when someone calls a watch, therefore, you can predict your response to the presence of a small camera in your hand.

The predictions on the fate of Apple Watch were changing rapidly: they all predicted that Apple will come out in a new market, and will not leave competitors with possibilities, and at the same time will create really powerful intelligent watches industry; Then they began to say that the clock did not meet expectations and Apple's and could not explain why, in principle, this kind of devices is needed.

After some time of use, Apple Watch we inclined to something half between these two positions. On the one hand, talk about victory here premature: this is seen even in the applications, quality and availability of which far from ideal. On the other hand, the device is very comfortable and enjoyable, and that could well fit into the daily life of the user.

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