Apple will oppose the "Right of Reparation" -


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Friday, 17 February 2017

Apple will oppose the "Right of Reparation"

According to what has been known a few hours ago, Apple will oppose the " Right of Repair, " a law proposed by the state of Nebraska.

This law, as you will be thinking, intends to facilitate to the users and to any independent establishment the task of repairing electronic devices, forcing the companies to   Sell ​​components of your devices to any establishment that requests it along with diagnostic and service manuals.

Apple will defend its refusal

Well, an anonymous source says that Apple will send a representative to defend their arguments at a hearing that will take place on March 9 in Lincoln, Nebraska, where, as I said, he will oppose that law.

Cupertino, it appears, will claim that allowing customers to repair their own devices could result in batteries being ignited due to poor handling.

In short, as a user I hope that this law finally comes out ahead, especially so that any moderately qualified person can decide for himself whether to take the risk.

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