Apple will say today that in 2016 it has made even more money -


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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Apple will say today that in 2016 it has made even more money

Today is the day, today Apple has to give the data about the first financial quarter of 2017 . Telling us how much money he has won between September 25 and December 31, 2016. The Christmas season often makes this term the most profitable for Apple.

Apple has had the opportunity to benefit from having one more week of sales this year , 14 weeks compared to the 13 that is usually in this quarter. This is due to the alignment between the end of the fiscal quarter of September and the December quarter that occurs every five years.

Apple will beat its own records

Apple 's management leads it to $ 76bn and $ 78bn in profits, the best figures in a financial quarter - given its current record of $ 75.9bn in a quarter.

Analysts on Wall Street talk that Apple will earn around $ 77 billion , just the midpoint of Apple's calculations .

The breaking of the record of income in this quarter, is the end of the period of decline of income of the previous three quarters . This decline being the first since 2011.

The iPhone is still Apple's lifeline, accounting for 60% of the company's revenue this quarter. It is estimated that Apple has gone on to sell 76 million iPhone, a figure slightly higher than the 74.8 million iPhone sold in the same quarter last year.

Mac sales are estimated at 5.6 million , an increase over the previous year. This increase may be due to the arrival of the anticipated new MacBook Pro.

Although iPad sales are not at their best , the iPad sales percentage is governed by the iPad Pro, which means an increase in the company's profits due to its high price - compared to iPad Air or Mini.

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