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Friday, 17 February 2017

Apple's new patent suggests a Touch ID reader built into the screen of the next iPhone

Long and long has been talked about the different technologies that would incorporate the new Apple iPhone. The different patent reports only continue to feed these numerous rumors .

As it could not be otherwise, one of the patents of Apple has come to light. This patent explains how a fingerprint "reader" could be integrated into the display of a device without the need for any specific reader.

Farewell to Touch ID as we know it

Currently Apple has a technology of reading fingerprints on the Home button of their devices. For this it is necessary that the terminal has an integrated reader in its chassis. However, thanks to a technology bought by Apple in 2014, this could be the end of the "fingerprint reader" as we know it .

The new iPhone could come with Micro LED technology, which would turn the usual screens into more interactive ones, by including this feature below them. This technology is based on ultra-sensitive infrared diodes, which would be able to detect from changes of illumination to the microscopic forms that make up our footprint .

More sensors would be replaced

Thanks to the technology incorporated in these infrared sensors, the reader could continue to operate even if the display of our terminal is off. This could help us save energy in low light environments, as these Micro LEDs could replace the brightness sensors we are used to .

The inclusion of these Micro LEDs would help Apple to get space inside the new iPhones, so that could arrive with larger screens in more used bodies. In addition, we could also get an improvement in the battery .

The new iPhone is about to arrive, and is expected to do so with a larger screen and curved edges as it has been speculating over the past few months. We do not know if Apple will include this technology in its next device, but at least it is clear that they are working to improve the current landscape of smart devices.

Would you like to see a fingerprint reader on the screen? Leave your answer in the comments!

Via | AppleInsider

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