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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Apple's share price reaches record high

Throughout all these years, many have been announcing the fall of the great Apple, that company that managed to make the computer closest to the user, that completely changed our way of listening to music, and later, of Use our phones . There are still many who consider that the years of innovation and trendsetting by the Californian company are over, and yet we continue to find news like the one we are bringing you today.

The trust deposited by all those who in one way or another decide to invest in the company demonstrate that Apple still has much history to write . These months, different news has been happening on this same subject, as the big investment of the chipmaker TSMC, who have just reminded us just that, and it seems that it will not end there.

Apple is stronger than ever, at least in the financial aspect

In recent hours, Apple has managed to achieve in the NASDAQ index the highest stock price in history with $ 134.69 per share. In turn, the company has achieved a market capitalization of more than 700 billion dollars, leaving behind Alphabet, the group that encompasses Google's business, which has a capitalization of about 575 billion dollars today.

We can never predict exactly what is going to happen in the bag, so we do not know what will happen in the future, however, with these numbers, what if we can be clear is that Apple's strategy is working. The markets are on the side of those of Cupertino , and like us, they are dying to know their next steps. This year can really make a difference in the company, hopefully they will seize the opportunity well.

Via | MacRumors

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