Check-in with the iPhone's Touch ID is closer than you think thanks to IBM -


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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Check-in with the iPhone's Touch ID is closer than you think thanks to IBM

Life has curious surprises, such as the professional alliance between IBM and Apple that started there in 2014 , something that Steve Jobs surely would not have looked kindly on. But the reality is that in this short period of time this pair of technology companies are working together wonderfully.

In this way, Apple benefits from IBM's extensive experience and know-how in the professional environment, and IBM takes advantage of the most stable, fluid and best-accepted hardware and software on the market, especially on a professional scale. But this couple has been joined by one more company, the airline United Airlines. Will the next aeronautics target those of Cupertino?

The latest news we have comes from the official website of IBM, which has made official that IBM and United Airlines will collaborate developing software specific to the Apple iOS operating system for the cabin professionals of the airline, a task that will improve Communication and problem solving more efficiently during the flights of its more than 50,000 employees.

Among the improvements mentioned is the inclusion of new features for the Touch ID in terms of security . Will there be a day when we can check in through our fingerprint on our iPhone? It is certainly a question of time. It has been in recent times when the underutilized Touch ID feature is beginning to enjoy more prominence and Apple is betting heavily on it.

Although it seems that Apple is beginning to experiment with other authentication technologies such as laser face recognition or the Eye ID by scanning the iris , the reality is that to date, few technologies offer such good results and are as consolidated as The fingerprint, which Apple has just implemented a two-step protocol for greater security .

Via | IBM

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