Discover the magic and color of the carnivals of Brazil with the new announcement of the iPhone 7 Plus -


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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Discover the magic and color of the carnivals of Brazil with the new announcement of the iPhone 7 Plus

Apple continues to boast about smartphone, and not to do so. The iPhone 7 Plus is not only the fastest phone on the market without a doubt, but it is also the one that makes the best photos - although others strive to provide megapixels without ton or camera. And what better place to demonstrate your photographic quality in a display of light and color like the Brazilian carnival?

The truth is, if you like photography, you'll be left with your mouth open with this spectacular announcement. Under the title Meu Bloco na Rua, more than a minute and a half of succession of photos, especially portraits, with all luxury of details, textures, colors, nuances ... I insist, spectacular that these snapshots have been taken with a mobile, It's not just any phone, it's the iPhone 7 Plus.

The iPhone 7 Plus and its magnificent dual camera , which allows, among many other things, the effective Portrait Mode - which we have already seen three commercials of the series Shot on iPhone, the one shot in Greece and the combo formed by the advertisement of the dog And that of the girl released a few days ago . But, will those of Cupertino be at the height of the Brazilian party par excellence? Light, color, rhythm, movement ... it has everything so that the photo goes wrong, but no.

The carnivals of Brazil take place in February and March, but if you can not get closer to enjoying the mythical Sambódromo, where more than 70,000 people congregate to enjoy being part of the show, you will have to settle for these magic 93 seconds:

Apple is given to take advantage of events known worldwide as these carnivals of Brazil to promote their gadgets, this time facing a complex challenge. But what doubt is that the iPhone 7 Plus comes out victorious from the recording of this ad .

Via | NewsPhone

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