Discover the rings of activity of Apple Watch thanks to this shocking announcement -


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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Discover the rings of activity of Apple Watch thanks to this shocking announcement

Apple continues to give free rein to its creativity and imagination ... but not so much in the area of ​​product development - hopefully Apple will assert itself by innovating on its own, that is, on the next iPad or the long-awaited iPhone X - but on its Youtube channel posting ads. This time has taken advantage of activity rings, an interesting feature of Apple Watch. Attentive to this wonder of 16 seconds of duration .

This video released on Saturday is entitled "Apple Watch Series 2 - Close Your Rings - Catch, Swim, Play" and is a continuation of the series of announcements of features of the Cupertino smartwatch focused on health and sports. The first of this ad string was released a month ago .

In the announcement that came out yesterday , he urged users of the Apple Watch Series 2 to use the activity rings app to keep in shape . Although not a new functionality - already integrated into the previous Apple Watch - it is still a useful and intuitive graphical way of knowing our movements and their records thanks to the sensors implanted in the gadget, such as accelerometers or sensor Of pulsations.

And is that as the user is standing, walks, moves, does sport throughout the day, obviously varies your heart rate. This can be seen in the rings of activity, which are complemented by sectors more or less depending on how much exercise we have done during the day.

The difficulty or not of completing a complete ring will depend on the goals set during the initial setup . Anyway, these goals can be modified at any time, especially if we seek to get in shape or on the contrary, we are relaxing.

Apple is making an intense marketing campaign focused on health and fitness with its latest Apple Watch Series 2, a device that was released last year with very discreet but interesting improvements over the previous model. In fact, its main differences are the inclusion of GPS and resistance to water.

Via | Appleinsider

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