Do not miss this fantastic trick for the volume of your AirPods -


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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Do not miss this fantastic trick for the volume of your AirPods

Due to the total absence of physical controls, adjusting the volume levels of Apple's AirPods requires either the use of Siri or accessing the buttons on a paired iPhone , which work with established quantities that we can control qualitatively, but not With numerical precision. Unless you learn this interesting trick.

As iPad and iPhone users already know, Apple assigns specific volume output levels for each click of its physical audio buttons , resembling a potentiometer, which although not as accurate, generally provides a gradual increase more than acceptable . In the case of AirPods, saying Siri "volume up" or "low volume" orally, it works in a similar way, although it does not give us the same feeling that offers to manipulate it from the buttons and interface of the screen.

Quite precisely, each time we click on the volume, it increases or decreases, respectively, 6% of the total. However, with Siri these variations are 12 or 13% each time we give the order , something that sometimes makes it difficult to find the right volume.

So for those who want a greater control of the volume of their AirPods, even higher than the iPhone buttons, this trick will charm them. It is simply asking Siri to adjust the volume based on a percentage .

So call Siri with the double tap on one of your AirPods or through "Hey Siri" and say "adjust the volume to 53%" or "turn the volume down to 25%" and the Apple virtual assistant will process your request . This way you only have to choose which percentage fits your preferences . Or, on the contrary, if you are already in a volume that you like, you can also ask Siri "in what percentage is the volume?".

Experts say that a variation of 2% is barely perceptible to the human ear, but it is all about testing and experiencing this functionality. One thing is clear, now you have no excuses for the volume is not to your liking .

Via | Appleinsider

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