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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Fall in love with iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode with these ads

Apple launched two new ads on its Youtube channel, this time focusing on its fantastic Portrait Mode of the iPhone 7 Plus . While it is not the first announcement they publish on this exclusive feature of the premium model of iPhone 7, if we can confirm that seeing all the possibilities offered by Portrait Mode, it is difficult not to fall in love ... the iPhone 7 Plus and its fantastic camera Dual and everything she photographs.

Only 15 seconds are needed to explain how Portrait Mode works, blurring the background of a photograph to make its centerpiece stand out , turning it from a best friend, to a soul mate, in the case of the puppy. Or simply, to transform a photo of a child bathing in a lake in full nature in pure art.

And for that, Apple is not complicated because the reality is obvious: the before and after applying the Portrait Mode leaves no room for doubt . No matter what an animal, a person, an object ... everything is much better and more professional with the Portrait Mode.

Built-in iOS 10.1, Portrait Mode plays with the depth of the image to highlight objects at different distances , emulating the DSLR of professional cameras. This feature takes advantage of the 56mm lens included in the iPhone 7 Plus, using Apple's signal processor to scan a scene and applying algorithms to recognize people and other objects, distributing them in a blurred distance or in a diaphanous foreground.

It uses a depth map of the image of the two cameras of the iPhone, keeping the object of interest in the foreground and artfully blurring the background, something that until now was impossible to achieve with the camera of a smartphone, many megapixels That he had .

With these two new announcements from the saga "Shot on iPhone" that Apple started recently, we continue to see the impressive improvements that Cupertino have introduced in their cameras , making them without a doubt the best in the smartphone market, either by Its behavior in complex situations for a camera of that caliber , or by the additional functions of the iPhone 7 Plus, the phone that so good results is giving the apple company bite .

Via | MacRumors

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