Fire Emblem Heroes reaches 2 million downloads on its first day -


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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Fire Emblem Heroes reaches 2 million downloads on its first day

On February 2, following the announcement in 2016 by Nintendo and the presentation of the game in Nintendo Direct January 2017, was finally launched the third game of Nintendo for mobile, Fire Emblem Heroes. Fire Emblem Heroes takes a turn to the classic Intelligent Systems saga to reach the hearts (and portfolios) of both iOS and Android users, with a story that, although a little short, is just the beginning of the game , Since we will have other game modes like the Coliseum, where we will duel with other players.

Fire Emblem Heroes represents a very good combination of strategy genre and RPG, and it will surely make you lose track of time if you give it a try. And is that, in my point of view, this is a game that deserves to wear the Nintendo label. Its game design is just great for a free mobile game, and the artistic care taken makes it very clear that the company has taken its development very seriously, possibly more than with Super Mario Run.

Fire Emblem Heroes, a hit in Japan, not so much in the rest of the world

Fire Emblem is not one of the most internationally recognized sagas within the Nintendo portfolio, and therefore, perhaps not a release as shocking as the Super Mario Run or Pokémon GO. However, according to the data provided by Sensor Tower, the game has not had a precisely bad start, and on its first day has achieved a higher income than games of the stature of Clash Royale , something that certainly shows again The importance of the Nintendo brand.

As for the regions that have most influenced this data, we find no surprise, and Japan has been the main responsible . As I said before, the Fire Emblem saga, is not one of the most famous sagas of Nintendo in the world, but in Japanese territory is a legend. This new game could be considered as the great beginning of a new stage of the saga to achieve more success in the West before its arrival to the next incursion of Nintendo in the market of the consoles, Switch.

And you, have you tried Fire Emblem Heroes? What have you thought

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