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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Google Chrome for iOS becomes an open source app

Over the years, it could be said that the battle of open source has become a silent war , companies that support this freedom, companies that protect their code as if it were their own life, or also those who prefer to keep A "healthy" balance between both sides. Apple, while owning certain open-source initiatives such as ResearchKit, the toolkit dedicated to medical research, is not the best example of a company advocating this system.

However, today we are not talking about Apple, but about Google, its eternal adversary in the market. Google does not have its borders as defined as Apple in this aspect, because although it is true that many of their projects are not open-source, we can find under their umbrella some great works that they are, such as Android, Or as the one that occupies us today, the browser and the operating system in equal parts, Chromium (And by extension, Google Chrome).

Google Chrome for iOS returns to its roots

A few hours ago, Google reported through the official blog of the project Chromium, the open source base of Google Chrome, the inclusion of the iOS version of the famous browser in it. With this move, one of the platform's most important Safari alternative browsers becomes an open source app that everyone can access to create new browsers based on it, which is, after all, the main reason Of the existence of Chromium.

It should be noted , that Google Chrome for iOS was the only version of Chrome that was not available in the Chromium project. This is due to the fact that, working on iOS, they were forced to work under the WebKit engine, and Chromium works under Blink, so to carry out the transition had to look for a suitable solution for this peculiarity that is to support two engines At the same time.

However, despite the time it has taken them to do it, Chrome on iOS is now available on Chromium , for you developers.

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