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Sunday, 5 February 2017

How Does iPhone 7 React To Magnetic Ferrofluid?

The user, far from scientific discoveries, попрощавшемуся with chemistry or physics still in high school, many things seem unusual. Through the use of everyday, for example, electrical appliances, we do not think about how they work, perceiving the benefit of civilization, as homage. But when it comes to something that extends beyond the domestic violence of perception, even adults изумляются, Like children, and begin to believe in miracles.

The experiment with the unexpected result put a colorful lover on the holocaust iPhone, blogger TechRax. Decided to check the reaction of his smartphone in contact with феррожидкостью - colloidal system composed of organic solvent containing small particles of magnetite. Its dimensions are so small that it is difficult to imagine: they are dozens of times thinner than a human hair. These microscopic indicators allow uniform distribution in the solvent with the thermal movement.

The American has placed the iPhone 7 in the tray, in which, then poured three bottles with ферромагнитной the liquid. Until there was no outside influence, she was quiet, remembering a mirror. But it cost him to bring a "mirror" of a powerful magnet, like a living liquid, demonstrating the incredible extensions of the work.

o get the impressive figure, an enthusiast put a powerful magnet beneath the ability with the iPhone. Unfortunately, metal particles, although they carry ферромагнитными, in the strict sense are not, since they can not maintain the shape after the disappearance of the magnetic field. To fix the original drawing, in the tray filled with liquid nitrogen. The reaction was very efficient, but getting it was not possible.

After the drying operation, and the iPhone 7 cable connection revived, and continued to work. It is a shame, and then untested specialists who could draw conclusions about the influence of ferrofluid and liquid nitrogen on the outside and inside the elements of a smartphone.

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