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Monday, 6 February 2017

How to copy and paste on your iPhone or iPad

Probably throughout your life you have used the key combination copy and paste many times, either in Windows or Mac . And it is that the Cmd + X and Cmd + V - in Windows is to press both the Control + X and Control + V keys - we get out of so much trouble and it is also so fast and simple. But on your iPhone or iPad you can do the same in a couple of clicks.

We teach you how, mindful that this trick will be used a lot in your day to day regardless of the device iOS you have and although this does not have the latest iOS software, as it is a function that has taken many years implemented for iPad and iPhone, but It is somewhat hidden

How to copy and paste on your iPhone or iPad

The first of all is going to be a clarification. Not all texts can be copied , for example what contains a pdf can not be manipulated with iOS devices unless you have a specific application for it. Of course, for everything else you can copy and paste without problem: websites of all types, messages from WhatsApp, text of an email ...

For the example we have gone to Safari and chose a random web site, for example iPadizate. We click on an article and suppose we are interested in a specific paragraph - although you can copy and paste words, phrases, paragraphs or the full text with images included. We place ourselves on the paragraph and click on a word for a long time

At that moment, a kind of magnifying glass will appear and the word will be selected in blue, a menu will appear that will allow us to search the word in question in the dictionary through "Browse", share it in networks or other apps and "Copy". It is time to drag the balls of the initial and final limit until you select the paragraph that we want to copy. When we have it, simply click on Copy .

We already have our text on the clipboard. As before, you can not only copy text from almost any site but it can also be pasted: in an email, in a messaging app like WhatsApp or Messages, in any app that allows text input, in editing a contact ... us We are going to stick it in Notes .

So let's go to Notes, open a new one and press and hold. This magnifying glass will appear again with a similar menu, in which we will see the Paste option . We click on it and that's it, we have our saved paragraph for when we need it!

This is undoubtedly one of the most useful tricks for iOS, sure that if you did not know it soon will become one of your most frequent maneuvers.

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