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Friday, 17 February 2017

How to customize the Photos app with Jailbreak

It seems that Apple does not stop filling the native application Photos with features and features that users usually do not usually use on their iPhone and iPad.

The Photos application has three main sections: Photos, Memories and Albums . Now, how many of you often use the three tabs? In my case, I used "Memories" to show my photographs and videos on occasion, but I always tend to use "Albums".

If you are reading this and you feel identified, we have the perfect Cydia tweak for you. This utility will allow you to return to the simplicity of Photos in previous versions of iOS , without complex functions that nobody uses or convoluted performances and allowing you to show only those characteristics that are a priority for you.

Photo Tools: the easiest way to customize Photos on iOS

Cydia Photo Tools tweak is compatible with all iOS versions, from iOS 7 to iOS 10, and offers an ideal way to completely clean the user interface of the native Apple Photos app . And this is great, because the application does not allow to organize the photos and the videos at our whim.

Photo Tools comes with a lot of settings to configure for the needs of each user, below we list all the features that this tweak will allow you to customize:

  • Hide album "People"
  • Hide album "Places"
  • Hide album "Autofotos"
  • Enable a mode to select all your photos
  • Enable a new mode to select multiple photos
  • Hide the "Shared" tab
  • Hide the "Memories" tab
  • Increase the zoom limit on photos
  • Skip confirmation of deleted photos
  • Hide photos from the album "Deleted"

The tweak Photo Tools is available completely free from the BigBoss source of Cydia. As we mentioned earlier, this tool works with iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9 and iOS 10.

Source | IDB

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