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Thursday, 16 February 2017

How to keep them from scrolling between photos on your iPhone

One of the most annoying things for many is when after showing a photo to a classmate or family member, they continue to see others without our consent. Even if we do not have any compromising images on our device, it feels like a personal violation that people keep shifting our photos without taking into account that what they might see later would result in a transgression of ourselves.

We could solve this problem if we are the ones who hold the iPhone while our colleagues are passing the images, however, technology is always an ally to consider and can end up doing a better job than ourselves .

What is this tweak for?

A new tweak called Telt X helps us to fulfill our dream. In its description we see that it is proclaimed as "a kiosk mode for your Photos application" . If you do not know what a "Kiosk Mode" - like I was until a few hours ago - it is basically a well-known function in Windows that helps us to block the window of some program or application.

Using something similar to this function of Windows, with Telt X we will be able to block one or more photos so that the intruders can not move beyond where we put the limit.

How to make it work

To start using this tweak we have to do the following :

1) Let's go to Cydia .

2) Recharge the sources.

3) Install the Telt X tweak.

4) Finally, we do a Respring to confirm the changes.

When we have done all the previous process, navigate to the Photos application. We select the album of our preference and press a few seconds on the image that we want to ensure . You will see an option called "Only Look" , in which we can only make or remove the photo, and nobody can move anywhere.

On the other hand, there is also an option called "Please do not swipe ..." that will spread the alert among all who are viewing the image. When your friend finishes viewing the photo, double-tap to remove the "Only Look" option. Make sure no one knows this secret.

You can be calmer now. With this interesting tweak we assure you that your fears will disappear .

Have you already used it? Tell your feedback experience!

Via | Cydia Geeks

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