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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

How to prevent WhatsApp images and videos from filling your iPhone

I know, the WhatsApp is wonderful . I do not believe that there has been a similar invention in terms of communication and permeation of users of this caliber in the last five years. But eye, it is not gold everything that glitters. To the issue of privacy and security in WhatsApp that we talked about exhaustively the other day , another problem is added: the volume that WhatsApp can occupy .

And is that this instant messaging app that per se does not occupy more than 100 MB should be added that by default there is storage of conversations, videos and images and general files shared ... eventually getting your iPhone pete. So simple, because the iPhone has a limited capacity that can not be extended using SD cards. That's why today we teach you how to prevent WhatsApp images and videos from filling your iPhone .

How to prevent WhatsApp images and videos from filling your iPhone

Turn off automatic file download

By default, WhatsApp has automatic download of multimedia content enabled , but it is also configured to do so using Wi-Fi or our data rate. While WhatsApp is a fairly optimized app in terms of data usage , what is not optimized is the common sense of our contacts, able to send you multiple videos, saturating your iPhone and making your data rate cry.

On iPhone we can select first if we want these files to be downloaded automatically or not , a good measure to save space. And if they are going to download automatically, choose to use only the Wi-Fi and not the mobile data.

To do so, we will go to WhatsApp Configuration > Data and storage use and there we will see separately what we want to do with our shared photos, audio, videos and documents. In each option we can select that do not download never - eye, this does not mean that we can not download them, only that we will have to press on them to initiate the download of manual form -, only with Wi-Fi or with any network.

Delete downloaded WhatsApp files

Voucher. Suppose it's late and you already have the iPhone full of files shared in WhatsApp . Well you have two options: first - eye, this is a valid trick for any app you install in iOS that will save your life if you have a little iPhone - it is to uninstall it and reinstall it: everything will continue and the same and you will not You will have gone from any group, but you will have automatically cleaned up conversations and files.

But maybe you do not want to be so radial. The second option is to go to Settings > Data usage and storage > and in Storage usage you will see all groups and open conversations, sorted by the space they occupy in a decreasing way. If you click on any of them, you will see everything that has been shared, but in addition, you can delete it by giving it to Manage > Empty .

Do not send so many things for WhatsApp

Cari, we need to talk. I know that a picture is worth a thousand words . But every time you send an image, an audio for pure vagrancy or a video that makes you laugh, you fill a little your internal memory and the contacts with those who share them. First of all, use common sense.

And if you still plan to send files, there are much less invasive options such as passing the YouTube link or similar where the video is hosted, or upload the photos to a cloud service and then share the link. We will all thank you.

We hope we have helped you in your fight to safeguard the precious space of your iPhone. If you have some more trick, do not hesitate to share it in the comments.

Via | Andro4All

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