How to solve the circular problem of restarting the iPhone and iPad on iOS 10.2 -


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Sunday, 5 February 2017

How to solve the circular problem of restarting the iPhone and iPad on iOS 10.2

This week has released the jailbreak version for iOS 10.2 with the support of most models of iPhone and iPad. Any S users after the fracture of their devices various problems. So, in some cases, after jailbreaking iOS 10.2 gadgets are suspended in the Apple logo.

Another problem relates to the work of Cydia: sometimes the application store accidentally falls or refuses to start. If you do not work Cydia or after breaking the iPhone or iPad has fallen into a restart loop - the screen shows "apple", then you can solve the problem as follows.

Step 1 : This type of errors occur, not all, but the problematic cases, sufficient. To return the iPhone to life, follow hard device restart. To do this, hold both the Home and Power button at the same time until your device does not restart. As well as Yalu jailbreak полупривязанный, restart will return the device in normal operation mode.

Step 2 : iPhone / iPad should show standard home screen. But before putting the device in jailbreak mode, it is necessary to remove the settings that may cause a loop to restart. As a general rule, it is the last application that is installed through Cydia. To remove the twic, you must set the device to No Substrate Mode. That is, activate the device in jailbreak mode, but when deactivating all jailbreak add-ons. For that:

  • Run the yalu102 application on your device:

Тапните on the "Go" button, then press and hold the volume up button.

Press and hold the volume button until you see the lock screen.

Step 3 : As already mentioned, No Substrate Mode is a jailbreak-how you deactivate all settings at the base of the Substrate. While you have full access to Cydia. Now run the application store and delete the last twic, which could cause a loop to restart.

Step 4 : After removing твика you need to exit No Substrate Mode mode, ie make all settings active. To do this, restart your iPhone or iPad as usual.

Step 5 : After iOS download active on the device jailbreak mode in the standard way. To do this, run the yalu102 application and click the "Go" button.

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