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Saturday, 4 February 2017

How to take advantage of HomeKit with iOS 10 in your day to day

From a simple act like turning on the kitchen lights to something more complex like opening the door of home without leaving the sofa. The HomeKit platform and all its compatible accessories offers endless possibilities.

In this article we will help you to take full advantage of all the features that HomeKit offers on iOS 10 using an iPhone, an iPad, an Apple TV, Siri ...

During Apple's first quarter earnings conference, Tim Cook used HomeKit as an example to demonstrate how the iPhone expands the company's ecosystem to new areas to innovate.

And so you can help HomeKit in your day to day

Thanks to Siri and the new iOS 10 Home application, it's becoming easier to interact with the content and features of the Apple HomeKit platform with the accessories on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch .

In fact, you can even control HomeKit using Siri on the new fourth-generation Apple TV with 10-OS.10. At the moment there is no Home application on the Apple TV, but using the Siri Remote to control the home automation accessories is quite effective .

Fortunately, the number of HomeKit compatible accessories has been growing significantly over the past few months. With HomeKit you can set alarm systems, turn on the lights, change the lighting color, open and close the door, get pictures of surveillance cameras ... and all this without leaving the site!

If you use the scenes of the HomeKit Home application, simply use a simple voice command like "Good morning, Siri" or the 3D Touch functionality on your iPhone so that everything starts to go on at home: turning on the lights, Adjusting the thermostat, raising the blinds ... There is a whole world of possibilities!

Do you use HomeKit regularly? Which HomeKit accessories do you like best?

Via | 9to5mac

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