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Thursday, 16 February 2017

IMessage users report problems using the service

The fact that a product or service dependent on the network of some type of problem over its useful life is not uncommon in these years. Companies are always prepared to deal with such problems, especially if it is a mistake that depends entirely on them. The Apple case is not at all different , and is that it is completely normal for your services to stop momentarily either intentionally (to perform maintenance) or unintentionally for any type of error.

The point is, that there is always a difference of gravity depending on the use we give to a service, since it is not the same that fails a little relevant to the failure to keep the millions of people in the world in contact . In this case, the problem has a fairly high severity, as many depend on this service, which is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as well as Mac, to keep in touch with others safely and quickly.

Problems using iMessage, waiting for a solution from Apple

A few hours ago, several users have started reporting various social networking problems with connecting to iMessage servers to download or send instant messages. However, the service status page indicates that everything is working properly, which could be a minor error. Anyway, what seems clear is that several users can not use the app, and that's reason enough for Apple to get to work on it.

If you are also experiencing some type of problem when using the service, it is quite likely that it is Apple's and not yours. We assume that the company will update the status of the service if it is finally a general error, we will keep waiting for news .

Via | MacRumors

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