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Monday, 6 February 2017

IPhone 8, what is expected of Apple in the X anniversary

Although the technology community is still waiting 8 months, the technology community is eager to learn information related to the iPhone 8. The Apple terminal must be groundbreaking in many of its specifications since this year marks the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone.

If Apple has been doing exactly what many think, the iPhone 8 would be the most innovative development of the company in recent years. In fact, at present, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has already become one of the best terminals of the year 2016, if not the best. It emphasizes performance, processing speed and innovative waterproof design, exceptional camera and many other things.

However, unlike what CEO Tim Cook has promised in the iPhone 7 presentation, we're actually just one more step into the normal evolution of the iPhone. That's why we all expect a truly innovative iPhone 8 in 2017.

Here are all the things we've heard and that some have already been confirmed on the Apple iPhone 8:

Equip next generation advanced processor from Apple (probably A10X or A11).

  • Back surface made of ceramic or glass (remembering the iPhone 4 and other Android terminals).
  • Large screen without borders.
  • Wireless charging.
  • Virtual start button.
  • Improved water resistance.
  • Dual integrated AR camera.
  • Stand for iPad stylus.
  • Iris scanning sensors replace the fingerprint sensor.


The first thing people ask is what will be the name of the new Apple terminal. Logic would tell you that it is the iPhone 7S but we doubt much that in a year so marked is chosen the denomination that has traditionally meant a small evolution of the iPhone. We bet on iPhone 8. Let's see if we get it right.

According to DigiTimes sources, Apple is likely to change its aluminum trassera. Manufacturers Foxconn and Jabil said at the time that they are preparing a stainless steel housing that would integrate a glass or ceramic back.

Other sources suggest that the iPhone would integrate an iris identification sensor to unlock access to the terminal as an alternative to the Touch ID. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was one of the first to have this technology. This is probably the future standard for smartphones.

It seems that new color options will be incorporated into Apple's traditional ones, emphasizing the launch device of the tenth anniversary. In December 2016, a filtered video, they showed images of various colors for the iPhone 8.


There has been a lot of information related to the possibility that the iPhone 8 is equipped with a screen layout that covers the entire front. In November 2016, the Wall Street Journal also has pronounced on the new features on the iPhone along with OLED technology on the screen. It seems that Apple wants to follow the Edge of Samsung or the trend proposed by Xiaomi with his Mi Mix .

All this and much more like wireless charging, dual camera prepared for augmented reality, improved water resistance is all that is expected of the iPhone 8.

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