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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Is Apple's wireless charging late on the iPhone 8?

Apple is rarely the first company to adopt new technologies. From the smartphones themselves to the fingerprint recognition sensors.

The Cupertino company tends to sit and watch what other companies do, and then produces an improved version of the existing technology.

With smartphones, Apple waited for other companies to launch devices that required a stylus, and then created the iPhone that could be used with a finger. With fingerprint readers something similar happened overcoming their rivals with the Touch ID .

Recently we have seen how it happened again, with the launch of the new Apple AirPods . And now, with the iPhone 8 , the company comes back late with the wireless charge but ... will this time improve its rivals?

It is rumored that Apple will implement the wireless load on the iPhone 8

Inductive wireless charging is a half-way solution, to begin with, it's not really wireless since it requires a cable. That cable does not go directly to the smartphone, but it connects to a device instead of the phone.

It is debatable whether it is more functional and practical simply to place your terminal on a surface or have to connect a cable. A cable allows you to continue using your device even though it is charging , but if you leave it on a surface to charge ... things change.

So, it's interesting to think that the iPhone does not have inductive wireless load because Apple was hoping for a better solution ...

Currently there are several alternative technologies on the horizon that are very good candidates to improve the wireless load of rivals on the Apple iPhone 8: through fuel cells and through radio signals.

If Apple gets its iPhone 8 charged wirelessly from 6 meters away, the company will have it back. If, on the other hand, the company offers the inductive wireless load present on other smartphones ... it would be too late. What do you think?

Source | 9to5mac

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