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Monday, 13 February 2017

Is it convenient to buy an iPad in 2017?

Very recently it was seven years since the launch of the world's first tablet, the iPad. As usual, Apple has been keeping us waiting for the new versions of this device, but there is something that does not stop prowling our heads and is that, having devices with screens ever larger, is worth buying a IPad in 2017?

In this article we are going to review some of the reasons that made us see the iPad as an essential device .

What did we fall in love with the iPad?

The iPad produced a revolution in the market that caught us from the first moment, and brought features that today keep it as the king of tablets in the world market . Here we leave you four of its most remarkable features.


This is the strong point, there is no doubt. The iPad came on the market as an alternative for those who wanted the best of both worlds: an ecosystem mobile and intuitive, but with functionalities that could have matched it with the computers of the time . Therefore, it was imperative that the device had a large screen. And he fulfilled it exceedingly.

Many iPads with different screen sizes continue to come out , but the biggest one is the Pro variant, which brings us closer to a more professional world.


If there is something that Apple is a master doing, it is designing. As it could not be otherwise, the iPad came with a design so careful that many could not stop seeing the gadget for several minutes the first time it was before our eyes , studying every detail of the thin metal body, as well as its generous Screen that, for the time, had an incredible quality.

The screen of the first iPad does not win any award at present, but its latest models yes that could do it without problem some .


To be able to move all the applications in a fluid way and with a large screen, Apple decided to equip his iPad with incredible power. It was better than we had seen in many devices, which helped him to move with ease in all the situations that we put before him.


Apps were the most important thing in the iOS ecosystem, and Apple knew how to get their developers to create all the apps with the iPad in mind . Unlike Android, a system in which the available applications make the tablets feel like simple mobile phones, in iOS all the applications had a specific design for this iPad, doing that we could take advantage of its huge screen and power. Without a doubt, this could be the point that most attracted us to him.

If you do not want to eat the tostón that we have left a little higher, here we are going to summarize a little the final thoughts .

The iPad is still a great device today. It may seem that with the release of new and huge iPhones is no longer necessary, but applications designed specifically for its large screen and power make it one of the best devices that Apple has released to date .

If you want to buy an iPad, go ahead, we assure you that you will not regret it .

Have you bought any recently? Leave your answer in the comments!

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