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Friday, 3 February 2017

Is it worth buying an iPod in these days?

We all once had - or dreamed of having - one of those music players from Apple, the legendary iPods . It was amazing to be able to listen to your favorite songs on the way to college or anywhere you want, and more on smaller devices. The time went by and these devices were evolving in technology, design and capability, making them a must have for any music lover.

However, nowadays we can listen to music from our iPhone with a sound quality far superior to what could be expected, and everything from a device we always load up. So, is it really necessary to have a second device to perform this activity?

What were the advantages of buying an iPod?

In 2006 many were the advantages of buying the latest iPod, and even after the departure of the first iPhone was a big competitor for things that could offer in return for his brother . So, why not remember the points that made us fall in love with those little gadgets?


At the first point we could not choose other than the design. The first thing that came into our eyes was the stylized design of the Apple players . Just like today with the design of our iPhones, showing the world our newly acquired iPod was something that we liked many, and more when we knew that everyone would want to have a device as attractive to the eye as this .


When the iPod went on sale it had exceptional sound quality . Maybe it was not the best as it could be overtaken by devices like the Sony Walkman, but we certainly could have something quite decent on an intuitive device.

ITunes Catalog

Aside from loading all of our music files, we also had a large collection of music on the iTunes Store to fill the memory of our iPod . To this day we continue to have it, and its library increases with each passing day. At the time, this was one of the decisive signs when we thought of buying one of these devices.


This was one of the strongest points for the iPod for a very long time. The device allowed us to have overwhelming storage capacity compared to what any mobile phone of the time gave us , so we had the ability to store the thousands of songs we had on our computer. However, times change and now we have devices that outperform these old Apple gadgets.

Despite all these good points, there is nothing we can not have with an iPhone. We can have a great design, excellent sound quality and a decent collection of music tied directly to the device we use most in our day to day. There is no doubt that the iPod is a great alternative for older people who do not want to complicate life or even for children who are beginning to see the world of technology , but for users who have already spent time in this it does not seem attractive to leave us 400 euros In something we can have with our mobile.

So, if you are a person who can not always have your mobile phone, or if you are a child / elder, we recommend buying an iPod . To this day we can find many at decent prices on pages like eBay or Amazon - most of them used, of course.

Do you plan to buy an iPod in 2017? Leave your answer in the comments!

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