It's official, Apple has again beat its record income -


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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

It's official, Apple has again beat its record income

Christmas has already passed, and companies, like the rest of the world, are preparing to take stock of the past months , in order to convince their investors that their money is in good hands. Many times, it is best to pass these types of presentations as soon as possible, due to the adverse effects they may have. However, with the publication of Apple's results, we understand perfectly that this is not one of those cases, It has nothing (or almost nothing) to complain about.

A few hours ago we showed you the forecasts that, from Wall Street, they did as to the numbers that would teach Apple today. We were able to appreciate how, according to analysts, Apple would once again surpass its own records , even knowing that this has not been the best year for the company in terms of products presented and offered for sale. Now, with the official publication, the data provided by these external analysis entities are confirmed and even surpassed.

A quarter of gold, although with important ups and downs

This quarter, which includes of course the ever-successful Christmas season, has officially been the best-performing quarter in Apple's history, reaching $ 78.4 billion in revenue, nearly $ 3 billion more than in the previous quarter. These results, would have been driven by the recent strong launch of the iPhone 7 , which will no doubt have reached the hands of many consumers in these months, which add up to a global figure of 78.3 million iPhone sold . In addition, the services division would also have had its role, thanks to the spectacular results of the App Store.

However, not all is good news for the company, and one of its flagship products, the iPad, continues to suffer a significant drop in sales , from 19% to be exact, including of the iPad Pro. I could say that the public is waiting for the next renewal of the line, although I am afraid that even that can not solve it in the medium term. The iPad is such a good product, that consumers do not see the need to renew it to continue to meet their needs.

Now, the big question that all investors are asking is can Apple keep this trend during this year 2018?

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