It's official, Apple has already given an official date for the launch of the BeatsX -


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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

It's official, Apple has already given an official date for the launch of the BeatsX

The BeatsX are the latest headphones from Apple's music division, Beats Electronics. They are small wireless headsets linked together by a small cable, which are the most affordable option to enter the market for wireless headsets . United when you do not need them thanks to the magnets that incorporate both headphones, seem to want to become the most comfortable option for those who need a wireless audio system that does not bother them in their long sessions.

And, besides being the most affordable option of Apple, they maintain the quality standard of Beats and incorporate a series of really interesting functions that make them stand out above the rest of options of other brands in this price range. Firstly, we find the W1 chip, which allows us an easy connection and a remarkable energy efficiency , in addition, incorporate the latest version of the fast loading system of Beats FastFuel, so we will never be without our music.

Finally we have an official date for its launch

While they seem to be a really good buy, we have not yet been able to test them due to the delays they have been suffering over time. Initially, they were expected to leave before the holiday season , so that it was possible to take advantage of that important push that involves the purchase of gifts. Now, in February, we have begun to see different signs that seem to indicate that the release date is really close. And finally, we have an official announcement.

Beats, from your official twitter, has made a small announcement in which finally indicate the official start date of sales of BeatsX headphones. On February 10, this Friday , the cheapest wireless headsets from Beats and Apple will arrive in stores. Now only wait, while we wish that all this time has helped them to make a product worthy of our money.

Source | Twitter

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