Luca Todesco warns of Yalu's ipa that she has a certificate of 1 year -


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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Luca Todesco warns of Yalu's ipa that she has a certificate of 1 year

Although there is a Jailbreak for iOS 10.2, Yalu has been stabilized for iOS 10.2 in its beta 7, which has been released a couple of days ago, this version of Yalu has a certificate that expires in 7 days and We will have to install it again to have Yalu in our iDevice.

As we have already mentioned, to make or activate the Jailbreak we will need Yalu in our device. When the certificate expires, we must install it again on our iPhone with Cydia Impactor. For many, the 7-day certificate is not a problem because it does not cost to install it again, but for others it does not.

Yesterday, a modified or altered yalu ipa was published whose certificate is 1 year, this ipa is not official, and according to Luca Todesco could be harmful to the device as it could contain Malware, ie a virus capable of Steal personal information to send to a server without knowing

It is speculated that Saurik is working on something related to the certificate so that users do not have to worry; It is not known exactly if it intends to publish a modified ipa, or, a tweak that eliminates the expiration of the ipa

Regarding ipa with certificate of one year, you can download HERE at your own responsibility; The key is 1129 (it can be installed from the safari and may require several attempts). Luca Todesco gave his opinion about this, although it was possibly his way of expressing the fact that he was not at ease with someone else, or perhaps he worried about the users of the jailbreak, that is, who would believe that the servers Of Iraq come into play?

qwertyoruiop @qwertyoruiopz
I strongly advise against using any ipa but the one on . Very easy to add malware to Yalu102.
8:05 AM - 8 Feb 2017
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qwertyoruiop @qwertyoruiopz
A solution for the 7 day cert is seemingly in the works, so please bear with Cydia Impactor for another week or so.
8:05 AM - 8 Feb 2017
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qwertyoruiop @qwertyoruiopz
YouTubers: promoting sketchy likely to be malware unofficial edits of rootkits (jailbreaks qualify as such) just to break the 'news' first.
10:14 PM - 8 Feb 2017
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qwertyoruiop @qwertyoruiopz
Even after it was repeatedly said that in very little time this wouldn't be an issue anymore. Sad!
10:15 PM - 8 Feb 2017
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qwertyoruiop @qwertyoruiopz
The 'tar' binary on one of those 'free one year cert' / 'jailbreak without computer' is tampered with; avoid at all costs
11:32 PM - 8 Feb 2017
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qwertyoruiop @qwertyoruiopz
I am specifically calling out DZambas, who linked to a modified .ipa hosted on some Iraqi site.
11:48 PM - 8 Feb 2017
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qwertyoruiop @qwertyoruiopz
You gotta be extremely careless to fuck over your subscribers with highly-likely-to-be-malware sketchy IPAs with modified resources.
11:49 PM - 8 Feb 2017
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qwertyoruiop @qwertyoruiopz
Anyway I do not even understand why people care so much about the 1 week thing given that it's likely the last time you'll have to do it.
12:16 AM - 9 Feb 2017
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qwertyoruiop @qwertyoruiopz
Security-wise, apart from anything, it is very possible for someone to maliciously modify an ipa on a server (even mine!)
12:50 AM - 9 Feb 2017

Luca retires from Jailbreak

After the great effort, work and commitment that Luca Todesco has published the Jailbreak for iOS 10, announced in his Twitter account that the next jailbreak will be developed by another developer. He did not mention who it was, nor did he say the future plans

Yalu would be upgraded for the iPhone 7 and 7+
As Yalu is still in beta, it is expected that the tool will be optimized for the iPhone 7 and 7+, as the device has jailbreak in iOS 10.1.1; This update would cease to be beta and would have a certificate of expiration of at least one year

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